What we do

Arc Link Engineering Consultancy is an emerging leader in the construction industry having its unique position in the Middle East. We are engineers with years of experience in interior design, supervision, architecture and infrastructure development.

We have successfully delivered projects covering the residential, commercial, religious, retails and educational sector. In a fast changing construction industry Arc Link stands out as a synonym of expertise, innovation, professionalism, quality, cost efficiency and assured delivery. We are bound by our commitment to the environment.


Arc Link is always committed to delivering high quality architectural designs and constructions.

Interior Design

Arc Link creates aesthetically appealing and functional interior designs.

Urban Planning

Arc Link has a team of resident engineers, health and safety officers, supervisors, inspectors and foremen.

Why Us?

We build your dreams. Our engineers and architects combine their technical knowledge and innovative techniques to deliver your projects irrespective of the scale and budget. Craftsmanship reaches its zenith in Arc Link projects. The personal attention that we give to our clients - from concept through construction and to hand-over - makes us their trusted partner.

Explore Our Projects

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